New York Institute of Photography.  It is a school of photography that allows people all over the world to study at their own pace in the privacy of thier own home.  Included in my course, the Profession Photography Course is 16+ text book lessons, broken down into 6 Units, DVD and audio CD's as part of my training material.  At the end of each lesson is a quiz and at the end of each unit there is an exam covering all the material.  In addition to that, you are required to take photgraphs based on the information learned form each unit and send in for an instructor's critique.

I have read all the text from Unit 1, watched the DVDs and listened to the audio.  I need to take 3 photos for this unit and send in for crtique.  I have visions for what I want to send in based on the requirements in the project assigned for 2 our of the 3.

Meanwhile, I am reading the Unit 2 text as I find the right time and subject for my Unit 1 photos.

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