I have had a vision for my Unit 1 photo assignment for several months now, but figured I would need to do one of two things...  Wait until spring to thaw everything out or change my vision to something else.

My vision was to use our yellow corvette as my subject.  I wanted something that would stand out, be different than capturing a horse in motion or a kid jumping in the air.  I wanted it to a be a fun project to play with for me and provide cool photos for my husband to use in the garage... or something.

One of the assignments is capture a subject that is on obvious motion and freeze it, but using a fast shutter speed to have everything in the frame crystal clear.  Or to pan the camera along side of the subject as it moves past, making sure that the object is in clear focus while everything else is blurred.

Well, I was excited this week as we had several days that were above 65 degrees, resulting in a mass melt of snow we had.  So on Tuesday afternoon, my husband was willing to take out the corvette in an attempt to help me close out my Unit 1 lesson so that I can fully focus on Unit 2.

So, we get the car out and go not far from our house on a strech of road that isn't terribly busy where he can drive past me several times while I shoot photos.

Well I was able to freeze the car with the fast shutter speed, but I cannot use those photos as you cannot tell that the car is in "obvious motion".  Really it just looks like the car is parked in the middle of the street.  While everyone knows that isn't likely, it doesn't really follow my assignment.  I want to have that frozen motion photo be completely obvious.

So I tried panning the car as it passed me.  That is a LOT harder to do than I anticipated.  I took dozens, upon dozen of photos and only ONE was clear...

While the car is clear and the background it blurred, I don't think this will pass with good critique...

I think the sign might pose as a problem...  Now that snow is on its way again, I am thinking perhaps I will need to wait longer as mentioned above, perhaps change my vision.

And with an edit made by a fellow student! Looks a lot better...

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