Project 52 - WEEK EIGHT - Dee-pictions Photography
Well, here is my final submission for February and the theme of winter.  We are by no means done with winter, which I think in my case is good - I still need to improve on winter exposures.

This week after several inches of snow and several days of severe cold temps, we have started to warm up a touch, making the majestic white snow that sparkles in the rays of the sun, turn dirty brown and drab.  I ventured out to get my last shot. 

Here is my last photo.  On to the next theme for March...
3/8/2011 10:14:41

Hi Dee! I just found your blog through your "Project 52" post in the NYIP forum. I love, love, love how you organized your themes.

3/8/2011 23:09:33

Thank you Angela, I appreciate it! Are you going to start participating?

3/9/2011 01:39:30

Yes! Just added the info to my blog!

4/20/2011 18:50:12

Do not keep anything for a special occasion, because every day that you live is a SPECIAL OCCASION.


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