Ok, so this is my last photo for January's 'bokeh' theme.  I lined up a few beverages and wasn't really expecting much to appear in bokeh on this, but was very pleased as I looked at this enlarged.

Next month I will begin with February's theme - Winter.  I love winter!  I have a feeling I will struggle with this one.  With our wind chill, it will be 30-50 below zero tomorrow if that says anything...

Anyway - here it is.

Shot of Bokeh.
2/1/2011 05:21:43

Ok - sometimes I wonder where my creative juices are....this is a great capture using a very shallow depth of field...and great reflective lighting...good use of graduated angles back through the photo....A+ (in my book anyway <G>)

4/21/2011 01:50:08

Do not keep anything for a special occasion, because every day that you live is a SPECIAL OCCASION.

5/2/2011 20:21:01

I am off to the gym today for the first time in May… hehe, since there has only been three days… I am also looking for a soldering gun for my Guitar Hero drumkit. One of the cords got ripped while moving, so I need to fix it up so I can play it… that is a good workout… especially on medium. Get my measurement today, so I have a feeling that I will either be really happy by the end of today, or I will be burying myself into a bag of chips or ice cream… mmmm, icecream…


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