Ok, so I know I am not off to a fantastic start as my first photo of this project is posted late.  Having said that, it took me some time getting a page designed, etc.  I promise that this photo was taken in the first week, in fact - it was the first day of the year.

On New Year's Day, I opted to enjoy one more cup of cocao tree side before tearing it down until about week 48.  There are a few minor things I will do differently when I attempt to re-do this photo on or about week 48.  For instance, the big thing is that the mug in this photo should not be so centered.  I should have moved it more to the right or left in my image.  Either way, here is my WEEK ONE photo.


I really like the effect, but I'm not getting how you made the filter! Where did you read about it, its a good trick to have in the bag.


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