So for week two, I decided to play with something after I read how to make some blurred background lights into shapes.  I had a lot of fun creating this effect.  Although this also is not a great photo, I wanted to play.  Next week, I will try harder to find a subject that will create a better photo.  Meanwhile, here is how I did this one.

* I took a black peice of cardstock (scrapbook paper in my case) and cut a circle slightly larger than my lens on my camera. 

* I took another small piece of the same black paper and used a scrapbook punch in the shape of a heart and cut around it, making a small square. 

* From the circle I had already cut out, I used an exacto knife to cut a slightly smaller square in the dead center so that my center focus point would not be obstructed.

* I taped my heart square over the the lens cover to make a filter that will be taped over my lens.  If all was cut accurately, once taped your image should have (in my case) heart shaped bokeh behind the image.

I also used a few other punches that should produce some pretty cool effects, perhaps I will try one of them in traffic lights later this evening.
1/15/2011 13:10:05

Posted in week 1 by accedent! I wanted to post here.

I really like the effect, but I'm not getting how you made the filter! Where did you read about it, its a good trick to have in the bag.

1/15/2011 13:48:36

I found this webpage...

Good luck! It was fun playing with it.


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