Project 52 - WEEK TWO, part 2 - Dee-pictions Photography
So, I decided to play with another shape for the bokeh and perhaps a little better subject. Although sadly, my battery died and this was one of the only shots I got before I had to put it on the charger...  If you can see it, I used a star type shape for this image. 

I used what light I had available coming through the sliding glass door behind me.  Do you know how hard it is to find strands of lights after department stores put away all their Christmas stuff...?  I know that craft stores have some little twinkle lights, but I didn't want to go into a craft store as that is NOT the only thing I would leave with.

So, my daughter has a little tree in her room, that she uses as a night light year round.  Outside of Christmas is is just a tree with lights, perhaps I should allow her to change the theme as V-Day and St. Patty's day and 4th og July roll around...  At any rate - as if you couldn't tell, but that is what is used behind the cork barrel.

...I have got to find something else to use!
1/19/2011 20:54:47

I'm so glad that you introduced this concept and have offered these examples. Really have to try making these "shaped filters". Like how the wine glass sits just out of full view. Nice capture - the stars really make your subject shine~


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